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San Antonio, Texas music artist, Leon Shannon, founded himself as a creative lyricist and songwriter with entertaining sounds and melodies early in his high school years. Since high school, he has steadily worked at his craft and growth as an artist.

He teamed up with his childhood friend and oath to pursue this childhood dream until they have reached their visions. His childhood friend is now owner of the music label Leon is currently signed to. Throughout these years, Leon’s journey has taken unexpected turns and experienced many challenges that altered the timing and publications of his projects. One very impactful challenge Leon has faced was being diagnosed with limb girdle muscular dystrophy in 2012. His ability to walk is limited and his muscular strength has weakened, but he has managed to find his higher purpose, beyond his flesh and image.

He is now bringing out another perspective of his life through his latest music, telling real life facts and experiences, while still keeping the catchy modern unique sound that is relevant today. You can hear all about his story in his latest self titled LP / debut album, “The Leon Shannon LP”.



Z-Ro // Lil’ Boosie // Big Krit // Lil’ Webbie // King Kyle Lee // AV Expression InterActive First Friday // Jacks’ Patio SA // Fitzgerald’s SA // Dallas // Austin // Oklahoma // San Marcos // San Antonio

Features w/: Cadillac Muzik // King Kyle Lee // AJ Hernz // Tina Mares // Dorian The Explorer // Galatic Wave



Nov. 6th - Mind & Soul Music // AV Expression "IntroVent" Media PR Night


Nov. 9th - "The Leon Shannon LP" Release Date


Nov. 16th - "The Leon Shannon LP" Release Party (Mind & Soul Music // AV Expression Showcase)



- YouTube Documentary: "I Hit The Lotto, Muscular Dystrophy”
- "I Love My Spurs” News Stories and Kens 5 News Award Winning Commercial
- Voyage Dallas – Meet Leon Shannon of Mind & Soul Music – 04.25.2018
- Clear Channel Billboard Promotional Campaign

- SA Current


Performance set includes four (4) band members: Main Artist, DJ, Drummer and Hypeman. Also includes two (2) production team members equipped with additional sound equipment (if needed), custom lighting, fog machine, and projector background. This set requires vocal mics for the main artist, DJ and Hypeman with a mic set up for the drummer. The band request to have a speaker monitor per each band member, totaling to four (4) speaker monitors.


(210) 362-4223

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